2 Years on Youtube – Happy Birthday to my channel

09 Sep 2021 marks my 2nd year on youtube platform. If you are new here or have not heard about my channel , I am actively making arts on youtube channel . Do a search on mom who sketch or click the link below ,you will be directed to it. I would say that, I am surprise that I have come this far in making art videos. When the channel is launched 2 years back , I was just feeling excited back then and just wanted to try out, nothing serious about it. I even intended to treat it as a random upload of my drawings on places I have been to with my 2 children. At that time, I feel it is more meaningful to document my memories in term of drawing them out.

I did not start anything seriously for the first 9 months and only less than 5 videos . After that, I decided to make a swift decision that I really wanted to go into arts. After that decision, I really pick up watercolor and sketchbook to start drawing whatever I love. I spent alot of times on looking at artists’ art videos. And I think that is by far the best experience in learning through observation. I was incredibly falling in loves with making colors , good or bad. I just posted them at first twice per month , then to once per week. It was such a consistent upload of videos after videos.

I wouldn’t say I am successful in youtube in terms of ranking, but I witnessed the growth, week after week. Today I have about 80+ videos and these are my journey of the growth in my arts.

One thing for sure, I did witnessed my arts evolved over time. I changed my styles sometimes, I worked with different mediums, I tested my arts. So far I got 285 subscribers to date.

For beginner artists who wanted to try out arts , youtube is a good platform to get exposure. Why I say that , because youtube is a search engine and it consist a library of videos. Your videos will not be lost overtime( it worked differently on instagram / facebook/ twitter etc ).

I sulks at instagram/facebook . I really have no ideas on how to grow on these social media at all. But I really put in alot of efforts on youtube instead. I feel You will see the growth on yourself , your arts every week( if you upload consistently).Not only that, you will see that your editing skill will improve over time 🙂 Another advantage is , you can make friends on youtube with the same interest. Believe me, you will grow in terms of your arts.

Below is my youtube link and you can watch all my videos there. Happy Birthday ” mom who sketch” ! 🎂🎉🎈🎖

mom who sketch – YouTube

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