This was the 2nd series of Anime Vs Realistic portrait that I am working on it few weeks ago. Sometimes I get idea from Instagram on this kind of drawing. It was fun though to visualize the final result. This time round, I have decided to draw Sailor Saturn in anime and then transform her to realism.

Actually , I have no idea Sailor Saturn does exist. All the while , I only thought Sailor Moon was only the blond hair girl with a magic wand with sailor suit. Obviously , I was wrong.

For this kind of merging drawing, sometimes it is up to you to decide which side should be the anime drawing and vice versa. For them to merge well together, I have to lay them in pencil draft so that they are about in the same position. But I have to highlight that , due to different style of characters, they may not be in proportion. It is always unrealistic in anime compared to realistic drawings. The eyes always appears twice as big as realistic person and the lips are mostly represented by thin lines only.

Overall, it is always challenging to draw a realistic portrait then anime or cartoon styles as their lines are way not as complicated as portrait. It took me quite awhile to get that eyes, lips nose correct for the portrait drawing.

I feel that I can do it better by shifting the anime just an inch down to make it at least aligned with the realistic side. The drawings are completed. Below is the link to my youtube channel.Thanks for your support always.

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