Book Review : Watercolour Fairy Art – Sara Burrier

This is an art book that I have been contemplating about purchasing it. The illustration images are enticing and colours are really vibrant which I really couldn’t stop flipping through each time. The author Sara Burrier is an artist , illustrator and teacher and she loved whimsical , fantasy subjects since at a very young age. In this book she shared about very useful tips for beginner and intermediate level artist about how to find resources, drawing/ colouring tips and creating mood board for inspiration . I have never come into my mind about mood board which I guess I will do that in the near future.

There are many drawing tips , drawing tools and how to draw fairies in a more believable ways.By the way, there are more than 75 tips that she is sharing in this book. I would say, this is a fantastic book and even if you are not into drawing and painting fantasies, I think it is still a good resource for artist and non artist to appreciate her arts and painting styles. There are also other artists who are also featured in this book.

She also owned a website saraburrier , check it out if you are interested in her work.

The link below are affiliate link, which means I earn some commission from each purchase, but at no extra cost to you. The money goes out to support this website so that I can continue to create more arts and sharing resources to you who are interested.

Unfortunately the book is not available in book depository and can only purchase from Amazon.The cover of the book is different from what is shown here but I have checked it out from the local library that the contents are same.

Link to purchase this book at amazon :

Watercolor Fairy Art: How to Bring Your Fairy Realm Art to Life

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