Draw and color Robert Pattinson

I am not sure where I get the inspiration from to draw Robert Pattinson.Anyways, it has been awhile since my last realism drawing.So this week, I decided to drill my skill again. This is really important when you want to practice and hone your portrait drawing skills.

This drawing seems to be abit rush over last weekend and I have decided to film it partially at night to rush this drawing on youtube. As I am working full time on all weekdays, so time management is very critical for me.

As usual, I did alot of studies on the reference photo and then to mark them on the canson illustration bristol paper. I love to use this paper as it is very white which help to brighten up the colors.They are so smooth which can help alot on layering.


I did some adjustment along the way in order to get that precision to the reference . This is so important in order to capture the likeness. I have created my own style with the final result which doesn’t look too bad. For skin tones, I am using a mixture of Faber Castell polychromos colored pencils and caran’dache Luminance . I love caran’dache as their skin tone is really perfect and great on canson illustration bristol paper.

How do you like it ? You may leave the comments below . Video is up and you can watch this time lapse on my channel.Thank you!

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