Forest Animals – Drawing Made Easy

Forest Animal – Made drawing easy is a bite size drawing forest animal book which is easily to read through. However , It is more suitable if you have some basic background in drawing. Great content sharing about animal drawing. If you do not like to read thick books on how to draw and those dry shading process, this is a good resource with only 64 pages.I love how details of the each drawing using pencils. There are also real photo attached in order to show you how the drawing is done.

About the Author : Maury Asseng

Maury was an inspiring illustrator who featured many of his work mainly focusing on anatomical illustration and cartoons for medical textbooks. In 2010, his artwork was featured in the Upstream people gallery’s 7th Annual colour.

You may purchase the book on Amazon US as per below link. I earn some commission with the link and there is no additional cost from you. Thank you for your support on this blog

Forest Animals

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