How to doodle in your way

How to doodle in your way is always a challenging question for most people and I have seen tons of artists doing it and making a wave over youtube. I have done this doodle and may consider one of my favourite doodles so far. It is complicated but it is doable if you breaking down each into smaller doodles.

Just sharing my process on making this doodling.

1) Get a theme for your doodling

First, you need to have in mind the theme for your doodles. That is very important as this is the skeleton of your doodle story.

2) Drafting process

This is the 2nd step where you need to draft the doodle skeleton. I am using pencil to draft out the positioning and composition of the doodles. This is one of the important step as you do not want any mistakes that may affect the outcome of the doodle. If you find anything that need correction, just use an eraser at this stage

3) Differentiate the main characters as well as small elements

What I mean is you need to lay down the different position of your main characters and in between add in some spices like small elements( circle, wave, triangle, ribbon etc ). For my doodling here, mostly I am using the “droplet” shape as elements to create the flow.I am using some shapes like bubbles as well. You can use any type, go to pinterest to look for some inspirations.

4) Inking

This is the step whereby you should have already finished all your drafting . This involve using different variations of lines to make your doodles “alive”. Volume up the lines to make it more interesting. When you are doing some detail works, it is better to use the fine tip pen. I am using 0.05 , 0.50 and 0.80 felt tip black colour pen here. Make sure the pen you use are waterproof. Often, pigmented pens are waterproof, in case you want to use watercolour for your doodles.

Below is the final result of my inking process. I get the inspiration doodling ideas from youtubers like Robbie Art, Vexx and Gawx Art. They are really or in fact professional doodlers.

For my case, I did not use any cute or monster faces on this doodle, but using photos from places in Singapore and then randomly add in some elements in.

5) Colouring

This is the most fun part in finishing the doodle arts. Just add in colours that you like. Some people recommend to use the colour wheel as guideline, that is to use the colour opposite of on the wheel to get a harmonious colour effect. As my arts are mostly watercolour painting, I am using watercolour to try this doodling.

If it is too overwhelming, colour the doodles in small portion at a time. Colour it carefully and neatly to make the doodles standout. Another tip is to layer the colours starting from light to darker tone to make it look more 3D . Stop if you are tired and then continue again.

This is the final painting of my doodles. And it took me 5 hours to completion. It is so satisfying ! Catch me doodle this on youtube and if you like my art videos, support me by subscribe to to momwhosketch channel and hit the bell for future notification of new videos.Thank you

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