Watercolor Portrait

In last week video, I have decided to try watercolor as the request came from my friend.

For this painting, I decided to give her a delicate feel and not working too dark as in the past.For watercolor, it is always advisable to work from thin layer to dark due to the properties of the pigments. In this portrait painting, I was using the mission gold permanent red.In order to create that delicate skin tone, I have mixed more water to the permanent red than usual.Speaking of the watercolor sketchbook I am using here, it is the Kuelox 300 GSM cotton paper( 130 mm x 190 mm ).This is an affordable watercolor sketchbook and the quality is fantastic! In the future, I will be doing more reviews on this sketchbook.

After the 1st layer, I started my 2nd layer focusing more on the shadow area as well as the eye brows. The technique here is quite straight forward, that is just use lesser water and abit more pigment. You can also just repeat my earlier stage by just layered thin permanent red over the 1st layer. The trick still ,is not to overwork , but just layering slowly. Using this 300 GSM is beneficial especially for beginner artists. You don’t have to worry too much on tearing the paper or causing wobbling of the paper due to too many layers of water.

When comes to details, I always used colored pencils as they are way much easier to control than just a watercolor brush. Below is the purchase link for Mission gold 9 set. This is my 1st set of artist grade watercolor since I used 3yrs ago. I have also attached my video link for this process .Hope you guys love and remembered to subscribe to my channel for more future videos.


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Tuxedo Mask Vs BTS Kim

This is a fun drawing again with Anime Vs Portrait Style.This time,I have decided to choose 2 well known characters and put them together.

I am using a black 0.1 mm pen in this Tuxedo Mask drawing on the left side.And then work with the rest of the details using colored pencils. Black colored hair was a challenge as you need to be careful in slowly layering the black with grey and black. If just using a black alone , it may turned out flat.

I love to draw more portrait and always feel it is much more challenging than anime. Anime character’s line works are more straightforward while portrait you really need to drill down in looking at the proportion and more detailings are required in terms of skill level.

Next came the drawing of BTS Kim. Overall , I feel his eyes and eyebrows are the most difficult part to tackle.

The color pencils that I am using consist of various brands like, prisma, polychromos and carand’ache. If you like this, you can watch my time lapse video on youtube with the link below.

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Drawing Eleven from Stranger Things 4

Recently I have completed this drawing of Eleven from this top series Stranger Things 4 from Netflix. What I know that it has caused such a wave that many artists started to draw different characters from this hit series. This is definitely a trend in the portrait community.

For this drawing I did not following exactly the skin tones from the reference photo. I am using a bit of Chris Hong’s colouring techniques here and I am looking forward to see how it turns out.

For realism drawing, I have to draft out the full details carefully in order to achieve at least 80%of likeness. I agreed, sometimes I have missed some important landmarks which make the final drawing slightly off.

I feel the overall effects were a bit too delicate ?I can definitely see the delicate skin tones through the paper .I think I am quite satisfied the overall feels of delicacy and I feel that it somehow bring out my styles of how I stylized this portrait. This is not easy always easy for me and sometimes I have difficulty in telling the exact colors or what colors should I be using.

I believe this will comes with more practices and to train my eyes to learn how to decipher the color codes. I am someone who don’t believe in using the same brand throughout my coloring process. I love to see how different brands of colored pigments react together when I mixed them. For this drawing, I have mixed with prismacolors, polychromos and caran d’ache luminance. Fantastic ! I love to make this kind of drawing in near future.

I hope you can support me by subscribe to my channel so that I can make more videos just for you guys. I hope you enjoy this drawing as much as I love making it.

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This was the 2nd series of Anime Vs Realistic portrait that I am working on it few weeks ago. Sometimes I get idea from Instagram on this kind of drawing. It was fun though to visualize the final result. This time round, I have decided to draw Sailor Saturn in anime and then transform her to realism.

Actually , I have no idea Sailor Saturn does exist. All the while , I only thought Sailor Moon was only the blond hair girl with a magic wand with sailor suit. Obviously , I was wrong.

For this kind of merging drawing, sometimes it is up to you to decide which side should be the anime drawing and vice versa. For them to merge well together, I have to lay them in pencil draft so that they are about in the same position. But I have to highlight that , due to different style of characters, they may not be in proportion. It is always unrealistic in anime compared to realistic drawings. The eyes always appears twice as big as realistic person and the lips are mostly represented by thin lines only.

Overall, it is always challenging to draw a realistic portrait then anime or cartoon styles as their lines are way not as complicated as portrait. It took me quite awhile to get that eyes, lips nose correct for the portrait drawing.

I feel that I can do it better by shifting the anime just an inch down to make it at least aligned with the realistic side. The drawings are completed. Below is the link to my youtube channel.Thanks for your support always.


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Collaboration on Childhood Memories

This was an artists collaboration a week ago about drawing our childhood memories. This is interesting at the time challenging as sometimes drawing children and adults are quite different in proportion. And most of our memories are so far away and most of us couldn’t even remember much, unless you have old photos to help in your drawings.

For myself , I have some vivid memories but I don’t have photo to support on my drawings.So this is quite tricky for me. Since I am into portrait drawing ,I need to find a photo reference that can help me to “speak” about my memories to my audience .

So this is where I started to plan on putting more of my concept here. I planned to give it a more dreamy look for this drawing .Previously, I have collected many photo references in case( even if I am not drawing that reference ) I needed to use that one day. So here it is.And I wanted to put my family inside but not distracting the whole focus of the portrait . The idea is to kill 2 birds with 1 stone in this and I feel quite satisfied with the final concept.

The material use here is basically canson illustration bristol paper ( smooth ) and polychromos colored pencils and some caran d’ache luminance colored pencils

The video on this collaboration can be found on my channel . All artists channels can be found in my video descriptions.Thanks for your support to them and to this channel.

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Drawing My Friend

Recently I have put up a post on my instagram page about ” I will be drawing your photo reference “. I thought this will be fun as it will be your photo reference that I will be drawing and coloring.There were a few requests and the photos my friends submitted were great for me to practice.

This week I am drawing my friend Creative Art who has submitted his photo reference. It was fun as it was a combination of a Bat and Rabbit. How cool is that !

Of course, this will be a challenge for me as my focus is more on drawing human portrait.but definitely this maybe something I will be working on on my current youtube channel.

For this, I did not follow exactly as the photo reference and I wanted to throw in a brighter background. So this is what I did as below.

After a while, I feel that it looks slightly more towards feminine side 😆 Anyways… I will take note in future . At first I wanted to make this a inking drawing, but it turned out not that good and I didn’t really like it. Watercolor process is also faster working on this small piece of artwork. By the way , I am using the baohong academy ring A5 size notebook watercolor ( hotpress ) and 100% cotton. This is a cheaper range compare to other 100% cotton sketchbook. The bao hong academy ( student grade ) watercolor pad had caused a big rave over in the art community in the past. For this black watercolor sketchbook , it was the first time I came across and I bought both hotpress and coldpress on Lazada . I will review about this sketchbook once I made more paintings on it.

The watercolor I am using on this painting is the Schmincke Horadam 12 sets watercolors.


The Final video is out and you can watch and support my art through the link below

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Draw and color Robert Pattinson

I am not sure where I get the inspiration from to draw Robert Pattinson.Anyways, it has been awhile since my last realism drawing.So this week, I decided to drill my skill again. This is really important when you want to practice and hone your portrait drawing skills.

This drawing seems to be abit rush over last weekend and I have decided to film it partially at night to rush this drawing on youtube. As I am working full time on all weekdays, so time management is very critical for me.

As usual, I did alot of studies on the reference photo and then to mark them on the canson illustration bristol paper. I love to use this paper as it is very white which help to brighten up the colors.They are so smooth which can help alot on layering.


I did some adjustment along the way in order to get that precision to the reference . This is so important in order to capture the likeness. I have created my own style with the final result which doesn’t look too bad. For skin tones, I am using a mixture of Faber Castell polychromos colored pencils and caran’dache Luminance . I love caran’dache as their skin tone is really perfect and great on canson illustration bristol paper.

How do you like it ? You may leave the comments below . Video is up and you can watch this time lapse on my channel.Thank you!

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Let’s paint portrait with seascape

This week video I have combined again my portrait with another scenery painting. The last one was the collaboration with my artist friend which I have drawn portrait with mountain. And I thought that was a cool idea overall. For this painting, I have decided to try a new art supply which is the winsor and newton artist grade gouache. I can’t comment them too much as I am yet to try out the whole colors.

But when I bought this on amazon, I had a really really good deal during checkoutI bought it at SGD 14 with shipping inclusive for 10 tubes ! If you going to buy during normal sales , it costs around SGD 40 and you are been charged for shipping fee

The green effect wasn’t that satisfactory and it seems bit too bright for viewers. What I did was to tone down the green to make it muddy by adding some brown to the green. I should have added more of white as well . For the skin tone, I am using mixture of yellow and red using Mijello Mission Gold watercolor. I have added a decent amount of them to add as base skin tone.

For the rest of the facial and highlight, I am using polychromos colored pencils .

My full video is the link below if you like to follow me. Thanks

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Fantasy Art -Collaboration with Artists

This is a fun and difficult subject to draw when comes to Fantasy.I am excited as this was a friendship collaboration with some of my youtube friends. It is always challenging for me when comes to use watercolor in my arts. First, it is quite hard to use watercolor on portrait as I love precision and details on my drawing. So for this drawing , I decided to use watercolors on skin tones, background , elements. But when comes to eye details I have decided to go with colored pencils.

Another reason for using watercolor on this piece was they are quicker application compared to colored pencils rendering/ layering. And also because I was I late for for this important collaboration.

Talking about reference . I am using the reference from pinterest and I did quite abit of changes on the original reference. I changed the hair colors , ears , lips and not using alot of shadow in this. Why ? I feel fantasy portraits should be more spiritual when I am approaching this drawing and I just wanted to show more details on her face.

At last min , I made some stupid mistakes which required me to re paint this drawing again 🙁

The material I used on this painting are listed below:

1)Mijello ( Mission Gold Watercolors)

2) Shinhan PWC Indigo for the background

3) Strathmore Visual Journal Sketch Book

4) Polychromos Colored Pencils

Below is the video for the collaboration. Please support me if you like my art by clicking subscribed button and notification bell for future vidoes. Thank you

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Colored Pencils Lightyear 2022 – Pixar and Walt Disney Movie

This is the Pixar and Walt Disney movie that I am looking forward to in year 2022.This is more told story about how Buzz lightyear become from test pilot to space ranger. Today, I am focused on my coloring process. Oh yes, I will always remembered this as the process is a killing me softly and cruelly 🙁

I think I have spent too much time in contouring lightyear’s face till I was burnt out in the middle…. after this experience and lesson learnt, it is always advisable not to over think and just trust the process. Keeping the momentum is soooo important when comes to creating art.

But before the process, it is always good to self analyze if this is something for me ? I just take the plunge in and thinking it should be easier than portrait drawings. Anyway, this is just animated ….. but things took some wrong turns when I started to realise , the time spent on twitching and making indecisive decision on and off ,kills my momentum.

When panic kicked in,I realised that I had to rush my work till evening which you may noticed that there was some bad lighting in my video …. It is always a bad idea to record at night …

My mind was drained after finished the hair and the face portion.I had to keep on reminding myself to look out for clarity of colors , layering etc.

My 48 sets polychromos colored pencils had some limited choices of green which I have to find the closer one and together with different colors to get that somehow acceptable color tones. The overall coloring process took me estimated 4 hrs …

Below is my youtube link to my channel ” mom who sketch ” which I shared my process. Thank you for watching

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