Painting the smallest mountain scenery and turn it into sticker

Usually when you try to multi-task while painting and shooting video at the same time, there tends to have moment where you forgot to take some photos for your website. This is always happening to me and this time,I have totally forgotten to take photo for my art process of how I painted it and make them into sticker. Anyway, below is the only photo I have .

I am trying to challenge myself in trying to paint the smallest mountain scenery onto a 6.5 cm x 4.5 cm card stock .When painted onto a small area , clarity is very important. You will need to convey clearly what is the idea you want to to show to the audience. Otherwise , no one will understand what are you trying to paint. It was a nerve wracking moment , but I have to go on as I feel this was not a bad idea for this week video.

For this video, I have done 2 editing. One is a video around 9 min with the usual not too fast speed process with different rolls . But I feel, I want keep it a bit faster and decided to go with the speed of x 19. The outcome was not too bad and I found a cool music to go along with this fast speed video. Below is the 3 min video of how I paint and make the painting into sticker.

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