Portrait Vs Anime ( And some thoughts on making arts )

In this week drawing, I am trying out male drawing BUT in 2 different styles ( Portrait and Anime ). The medium I am using is polychromos coloured pencils and Fabrinano mixed media paper. Drafting out in pencil is always an important steps when come to draw people.

I love to work on this Fabriano mixed media paper as it is quite thick ( 250 gsm ) and it allows to us on coloured pencils as well as some washes on this. I have tried this on watercolour painting before and the colours really turned out vibrant and minimal warping of the paper.

The photo reference was from pinterest on this drawing. I love the original photo because of the bright sunlight which shoned onto the model’s face. This provides a good contrast on the shadow area on the face and neck .

I got some questions which people ask to me on how I drew them ? Reference point. This technique formed in most part of my drawings. I loved this technique as this can apply to any drawings, be it urban sketching, animal or human drawing. Just a disclaimer, I don’t go for those really precision drawing in terms of understanding the anatomy of human. I loved to study them if I have the hell lots of time. But because, my times are fully dedicated to full time job and family time, I have to follow closely to what works best for me in terms of making my arts.

But that doesn’t mean I took my arts leniently . It requires my double or triple of efforts or years to get to what artist are getting today. I am still fumbling my ways to learn everything.So far, most of my arts are loose styles. But when comes to certain area, I am still trying my very best in giving that believable look on my drawing.

There are still mistakes which I realised after each video but that is ok. The point is what have I took away from each drawing lesson ?

I am someone who fidget alot on ideas and that is where I start to know myself better on what I want to go into. I think artists should be too. At the end of the day, self reflection on the arts is really important for me.

Recently there are quite a number of spammers here and I have decided not to post my final arts here. You may watch my time lapse video here and I hope you like it 😄

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