Swatching Roman Szmal Professional Watercolour

This is the set of watercolour that I had neglected so much. I have bought this set quite some time ago and had never a chance to try swatch it out. There are quite a few artist range palette and the one that I got is the aquarius starter set during a time of some offer from Jackson’s art store. Before that, I have never heard about it.

I knew some theory about colours and decided to swatch them out to see what can I get from this set.

I have created the swatching chart to see their characteristics. I found some information from Jackson’s art webstore that Roman Szmal was made in Poland and all their paint are handfilled and they only produced a small batches each time for quality control. And yes, thei paints only available in full pan size. And they are offering artist grade and with an affordable price compare to colours like Schminke . Quite impressive. What interest me is that most of their watercolour comes in single pigment.

That are not many brands out there offering many pure pigments. The colours in this set are:

1) Lemon Yellow PY61 2) Aquarius Red PR214 3 Ultramarine Light PB29 4) Aquarius Green PY150 , PBr 25 , PB29 5) Caput Mortuum PR102. And here I am trying to mix the 3 primary colours to see how vibrant I can get for the secondary colours. Since Lemon yellow and Aquarius red are in single pigment, I would assume I can get a bright orange. And indeed, I did get a vibrant orange.

I love the grey that the 3 primary colours ( yellow, red and blue ) are mixed together and I can still see the separation of each colours.

For the purple, it may be quite tricky and depends on how much you mixed with the red and blue to get the vibrant purple . I can also get a light green easily by mixing the ultramarine blue light and the Lemon yellow. So far, the pigment are easy to rewet EXCEPT for this Caput Mortuum.I need to rewet quite a few time in order to activate the colour.

Colours that are granulating are, Ultramarine Light ,Aquarius Green and Caput Mortuum. Depends on your subject of painting, it may not necessary that you required granulating pigment in every painting.

Overall , I love this watercolour set as they are so easy to mix to get a bright secondary colour and great for beginner if they just started out to learn about watercolour mixing. At this point of posting, this set is sold at USD 15.20( excluding shipping ). But if you are buying other stuffs, the shipping cost may not be too significant and also depends on where you reside.

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