I am Yen , a sketcher in Singapore. I am feeling excited to launch my website. It is not an easy journey where there are so many social media platforms to decide to showcase as a sketcher. It is a tough and yet fulfilling path for me and indeed it requires a lot of hard work when talking about ideas, drawing, updating etc. Having say that, the social media is truly a marathon race. If you are not updating and stretch yourself to post for even a week , you are already facing competition of losing your presence in the crowd. Nothing compares to owning a home for my thoughts, my space , my arts HERE.

What will you expect to see on my website

This is my dedicated space where you can find videos, photos of places where I had been to . There are lots of photos stored in my mobile and this give me an idea of beside I can view the instant photos, what else can I do with them by just posting on website? I decided to spice them up by doing sketches of the places we been to. This will help to hone my sketching and water colouring skills as well.