Color Timothee ( Dune Movie ) Using Colored Pencils

Today , I would like to share about my process in coloring Timonthee ( Dune Movie ). First , I would like to talk about using photo reference. Normally when I go through pinterest, I will look for photos that have strong cast of shadows.I feel that photo with significant amount of sunlight will create dimension and impact to the photo. It will make the photo looks more 3 D.

In the original photo, there is sunlight casting shadow on one side and it created a tint shine of yellow onto the skin. Therefore , I am using cream yellow as base color onto the face. Then I added some Burnt Orche onto the 2nd layer and some shades of walnut brown on the side bridge of the nose.

I am using burnt sienna on the outline and onto the hair , but I feel , Timothee’s hair is more towards walnut brown ….. hmmm. I don’t have a particular rule when comes to coloring, but I try to follow closely with the photo reference .

Material use:

Strathmore Bristol Smooth and Faber Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils

Below is my time lapse video on the coloring process, if you like it, don’t forget to like, comments , share and subscribe to my channel. Thanks

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