Colour Elsa and monster doodles

This was one of the challenging painting of Elsa using colour pencils so far. It was not easy for me especially I am not good in creating realism arts. The process was nerve wrecking and I did not know how to mix colours using colour pencils. This set of Faber Castell polychromo set colour pencils were bought more than 1 decade ago and I decided to revisit this medium again.

I could not remember why I bought this extremely expensive colour pencil sets in the first place. After drafting with light graphite lines , I decided to go straight into colour pencils.

I started trying out the hair colours using white and warm grey. Somehow, the colours seems strange initially. After some corrections, I decided not to overthink and went for whatever the closet to the original. Next Layering the skin colours was a much better process as I have some shades of skin colours to play with.

Lastly , it was time to doodle with little monsters using another medium, Copic markers. The ideas were to see how I can blend a character with fun doodling to create the chemistry on them.Result was not so bad. At the same time, my younger son also wanted to join in the fun and insist to draw Olaf , the snow man. It was such a perfect collaboration with my child.

Watch me paint this in youtube as below and hope you guys enjoy my arts.

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