Daiso SGD2 12 set Watercolour

I have tried out this set of $2 12 Set watercolour from Daiso recently. It was not a big investment but wanting to test how was the performance.

Each tube contains 6ml of paint. Not a big tube though, but just SGD2 and it will not going to break your bank.


The paint contains gum arabic , paint, water and stabilizer . Other than that, the tube itself does not have much information

about the pigment use.

The paint are quite dry with some dry crumbs coming out when you open the tube. I have done a short review on the colours on my youtube channelĀ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_f5OQuimRg&t=87s

Not all colours are use in this demo video . Just a simple water colour for Pikachu.

Overall for the experience on this water colour was not that great. You will need to overlay a few layers paint to get that slightly intensity and brown was exceptionally weak which I had try mutli-layers which still not able to get that that expected brown that I want. I had tried red , brown, yellow and black and most of the colours here are more to the semi opaque side.

This will be more recommended to use on simple art with children and for some causal painting. This may be a good gift for children’s goodie bag gift and I am sure they will have lots if fun playing with the colours.

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