OK, I admit I am kind of breathless while looking at the photo reference and draw it at the same time. So far, It never happens to me when drawing any female portrait . Back to the sketching process. This is by far one of the more challenging portrait other than Gal Gadot. I have done it twice just because I could not get the expression and proportion correct.Damn it.

The facial expression is killing me , with multiple corrections in place. Then came the hairstyle portion. Another challenge… I have short attention span and when comes to hair or clothing, I always just brush it through. Since there is some back light at the back of the model,I am using burnt umber for the outline and simple layering.After that, I used Walnut Brown for the main colors. I try to color it by putting them in group.

This is the final result . Oh yes, forgot to mention the material I am using as affiliate link below.I earn a small commission for any purchase that you click the link and at no cost added to you.This commission can help to support my art channel for some art supplies that show on my channel.Thank you once again.

Strathmore Bristol Paper Smooth:


Fabel Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils


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