Refillable Brush Pen

Today I am going to give you a brief review about this refillable brush pen which I bought at a local Art Store in Singapore just last month. You can find the website here at

This pen really looks interesting as it is refillable and it physically really resemble how a fountain pen looks like except the nib is now bristles. The plastic material are just alright only. With costing around USD 5, I feel it is quite worth it and it has no brand .

The Bristle is made of synthetic nylon which are the same as those watercolour brush pen.There are fine and medium tip bristle and the one I bought is medium tip.

This brush pen is using the twistable piston cartridge . It has the same length as the portable pentel brush pen.

The detachable cartridge as attached photo

After trying out painting a sketch, I feel somehow the ring that hold bristle can move easily which I feel it is not that stable. But it did not affect the finished arts.

I am using the Atramentis Document Black Ink for the demo. And the link flows really well. I have no issues on having dry brush strokes even if this is a 100% cotton content sketch book.

I have also created a new youtube video demonstrating this brush pen with the sketch.

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