Artemis Watercolor Painting

This is my fourth Greek Goddess painting. I am recently into this ancient beauties painting and had created a series on this. Artemis is a goddess about protection, chasicity . I feel she has a positive image even some believed that she is evil in some ways about environment.Nevertheless, I still wanted to paint her and forest is the theme for this watercolor painting. I am currently working alot on this Monjojo brand watercolor pad. This is one of the best student grade watercolor I have came across. I bought this for SGD 8 for a reasonable of 20pcs A4 size paper. This is cold pressed paper but this is the most whitest paper I came across as watercolor paper. Maybe in the near future I will write a review on this.

Unfortunately this is a local brand and there is nothing about overseas shipping .Otherwise, I will put the link down for my recommendation.

Watercolor is all about being patience. If working properly, it can gives a very delicate and subtle effect. Watercolor is great to work from a smaller to medium area. For all watercolor painting, I preferred to work on A4 size rather than A5 orA6. Watercolor is about working along the properties and the natural behaviour of the watercolor pigment.It is an unforgiven medium and we got to respect how it actually works, how the marks appear on the paper. Too much or too little water makes a great difference.

The watercolor that I am using on this painting is mijello mission gold watercolor paint It is my very first artist grade watercolor paints that I owned.And of course, I love to mix using with other brands too !

This painting is out on my youtube channel. And Below is the link. If you like my art channel,don’t forget to subscribe for more .Thank you

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