Watercolor Portrait on Greek Goddess Athena

Watercolor is always my greatest fear. You will never know when you will get some ” surprises ” which sometimes can’t be fixed .It is all about the chemistry between the pigment and the paper itself. Sometimes an error is easy to fix, but sometimes if the pigment is staining enough, lifting up the paint with a wet brush don’t work.

I always put my trust in the process rather than the techniques that most artists adopt.Mainly because, I may not feel at that moment how much paint the artist is using with the ratio of water. And I may not be using the same paper as the artists use. The best way to learn about watercolor is to try it on my own with whatever art supplies I had.Coming back to the skin tones, It is always advisable to start with very light base. As you may observed, I always highlights the area along the brows, corner of the nose bridge,under eyes area. These are the areas which are the landmarks of the portraits. And I do make sure, I use wet on dry paper as this is to have the control as much as I can.

For details like eye areas, I will use my colored pencils for the little details. You can watch my full time lapse process on how I paint Goddess Athena. Thank you .

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