Color The Flash DC Comics

Red Red Red .. I think by far this drawing of the Flash uses up almost all of my reds I can find in my color pencils empire. Layering and burnishing are both techniques I used throughout the whole drawing. The paper I am using is the strathmore 300 vellum series . I feel this paper is way much better than Canson XL illustrator which seems too smooth to work on.

Though this took me around 6 .5 hrs to finish. But I love the end result so much and definitely this will be my favourite of all super heroes of mine in 2023. Speaking of the reds that I am using, my favourite will be the prisma premier brand. The colors blended onto the strathmore 300 paper so smooth and the application is so much easy to use! It is all about the strength that you are applying .My focus on this drawing is definitely to bring out the shininess and lighting portion of the suit.If you noticed well enough, all super heroes ‘s suits are shiny and in those movies, special effects and lighting always an important parts make the heroes stand out among the crowds.

Below is my process in time lapse of the flash on my youtube channel. Don’t forget to give me a like and support by art by subscribed to my channel.

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