Drawing BLUE Theme

It is always fun to have collaboration with artist friends whom some of them I already know and it is a great chance to know new artists too. And to support my bestie artists friend is always I something I am looking forward.For this time round, since the collaboration theme is blue, I am thinking of doing something more straight forward considering the short time frame and it is also a chance to train how fast can I finished a drawing.

The adrenaline rush pushed me forward and at the same time it can be challenging as doing something big may not be favoured to the time frame. So I have decided to go with a A5 size with a slightly palm size down sonic the hedgehog can be a good idea.

The sonic hedgehog drawing served a chance to improve my blending skill too. For this kind of layering, it is always best to look and observe how bigger artists are doing. The result is not too bad 😅 . What I learnt from this layering style is always use a very light sky blue as base colors.And after numerous layering of different darker blues , the lightest blue just shine through. I don’t believe in just working with one brand alone as I love to see how each pigment from different blues compromised each others. I love the furs effect from the waist down.

The drawing is in my youtube channel as below link with the all the artists inks too. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button for this sonic hedgehog 2 drawing.

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