Draw Jennie Black Pink in Colored Pencils

My recent drawing on Jennie black pink in colored pencils is maybe one of my favourite so far.I love the original photo reference which emphasize alot on the neon light , reflection on the skin tones. Photo reference is an important factor when comes to portrait drawing. And any significant casting shadow can really make a drawing pop. No matter how your skill set is , when you add some shadows to the drawing, it just make a difference. I am not that artist who can make that 100% likeness and my blending maybe not that fantastic.But what really matter was how I make some features stand out by putting some lighting. Example , forehead,nose bridge , cheeks area. And it all comes back to the fundamental of understanding where does the lighting comes from. I studied the photo reference carefully. This is a good exercise for me to push myself looking and identify where that shadows, mid tones , highlights are. This is so important , to make the drawing believable. NEVER ever try to imagine where that light source from your mind. Our brain sometimes works in a way to trick your eyes to think that that is correct.

I always love the brand caran d’ache luminance 6901 skin tones . I feel that the skin tones that they offered are the closest to the human skins. And I preferred the wide range of reds from the brand prisma premier artists colored pencils.

Caran’ dache Luminance 6901 : https://www.jacksonsart.com/caran-dache-luminance-colour-pencils-90635?___store=jacksonsart_en&acc=af21d0c97db2e27e13572cbf59eb343d

Prisma Premier Colored Pencils :https://amzn.to/3uBk3g5

My drawing video of Jennie is out now on my channel ” yendraws” now as below link .Thanks for your support.

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