Drawing Madame Web

It ‘s been awhile I come back here for updates ! I was recently quite tight up with work and more active on other social media platforms. Sometimes, when you stop doing those routine things, you started to be more carefree or maybe abit laid back. I am back again and Im planning to put more of my art images here … for sale. I just wanted to push myself a little but more here .

Not too long ago , I have finished this Madame Web drawing in slightly the size of A4. When you put your drawing slightly bigger and putting in effort in filling the background , it is so complete, so satisfying.

I love the comic feels in this one. This one was done on the Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper with the link as below. I am using 2 different photo references for this project. For the method I am doing here is to mix and match.Meaning , I am using the photo of Dakota Johnson which I like and then to put that onto another body of hers in Spiderman suit. However , I have miscalculated the size which end up I am just able to show a bit of the the spider’s legs portion.

If I have reduced the overall portrait size,I will be able to shown more of the back of the spider’s body. At this point I also wanted to mention about how good prima premier colored pencils are.When coming to coloring in red, the prima premier is definitely my main choice.

1)Strathmore Bristol Vellum Paper


2) Caran’dache Luminance 6901 artist colored pencils


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