Draw Lisa Black Pink

Today, I am trying out a new sketch book which is the kraft paper. I bought this from a local art store . I wanted to try other medium than just bristol alone. When working with kraft paper, one good thing is the brown paper can act as skin tone when comes to portrait drawing.That is the charisma of this type of paper.

When come to drawing, I am applying some loomis method to get the idea of the placement of the eyes , nose and lips. Sometimes, it is just sooooo hard to get the sweetness of the character. Before this, I have tried to draw Lisa before but I give up , just because lacking the sweetness of her face.

But I realise one thing, I totally forgot about leaving some brown tone of her skin using the paper. Damn it.

I am eager to try more of portrait drawing using kraft paper. After this first drawing, I feel this Hahnemuhle kraft paper is very forgiving as I have done some corrections using kneaded eraser. I am really afraid that at some point , the paper fibre may give way. But I am lucky that this is not happening.

Material use :

kraft sketchbook – A5-size (14.8cm x 21cm) or A5 size ยท 80 sheets or 160 pages

Polychromos colored pencils

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