Color Druig (Eternals Marvel) using colored pencils

This is my first time trying out Canson XL Bristol Illustration paper which I bought it from my local art store. This was such a hot item that I grabbed the last pad on the shelf.

I love this paper as it is white. I don’t fancy working on off white paper as sometimes it may dull down the colors. The paper is matt finish and still have some slippery feel .This is my first time using polychromos colors on this paper. But seems polychromos are oil based colored pencils, I feel the pigment just glide onto the surface of the paper .. hmmm.

Anyway, below is my coloring process for this week video 😛 I love powerful reference photowhich shows strong shadows , the features or landmarks on the face. It really helps me alot during the drawing as it really makes the drawing/ sketch pops.

I am so excited till I hit a problem right away during coloring using black against yellow.I never thought about this issue . When you are doing coloring ( whether colored pencils or watercolor )using black against any colors, the black will definitely be a dominant color because,you cannot overlay yellow onto black due to its property. The yellow that I am using is not opaque at all and I don’t own any posca markers.

So I decided to draw thicker yellow lines first then slowly and carefully using black around the thick yellow lines. This way , if I feel the yellow lines are too thick, I can still use the black to cover up some yellow lines to make it softer and delicate. I hope you get what I means 😅

For this drawing, I am using just 3 colors which are black , yellow and orange ( for details ).

Below are my affiliate links with Jackson Arts. This is my trusted art supply store which I bought my art supply from. If you buy through my link, I earn some commission for me to run this art website . The cost will not be added to your purchase during check out.Thank you for your support

1)Canson XL Bristol Paper 2) Faber Castell Polychromos

This is the link to my video and I hope you enjoy this .

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