Drawing and Coloring Daniel Radcliffe

This drawing of Daniel Radcliffe was a rather quick one.Actually, I have no intention of picking Daniel Radcliffe as my subject, but just that it appears on my pinterest page and that was it:) This is the thing when you try to multi task by drawing and video shooting at the same time. I totally forgotten to take the initial photos for my website.

I am using polychromos colored pencils accompany by the Faber Castell Classic colored pencils. I some how think that they are easy to use.

The colours for this drawing is mainly earth tones and I was making sure on the landmarks for Daniel’s face features. For this drawing, I am using the reference points method. Actually, I wanted to try the grid method as it is more accurate, but I am way too lazy to construct the grid lines on the drawing. His Face features were thick and bushy eye brows, sunken eyes as well as squarish cheekbones. I am making sure to always check back the reference photos on all the features.

Below is a very short video youtube video on my speed drawing process and I hope you like it.

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