Drawing and Colouring Julia Gisella

Today we are talking about colouring using polychromos coloured pencils and I have choosen Julia Gisella as my subject. It is always a good idea to draft out the outline especially for portrait drawing as I wanted to get the proportion correct and this is really important !

For myself, I am using HB pencil as I feel the pigment is just right that is not too dark or too light. And the artist soft eraser is one of my favourite as it will not be too harsh and remove fibre on the paper itself during erasing some of obvious pencil lines.

Talking about polychromos coloured pencils. This was the set I got it more than 10 years ago and you can see, they are not well used 🙂 . Maybe I bought it due to impulse during that time and I didn’t know this was one of the best coloured pencils out in the market. The one that I got is the 48 set and it has already out of production. If I am not wrong , Faber Castell only produced 12, 24, 60 and 120 sets coloured pencils. Out of some reason, they have removed the production of the 48 set.

When working with coloured pencils , paper is really important ! And after drafting on the Canson XL paper, I realized that I have used the wrong type as it is more for watercolour usage. Nevertheless, I just moved on to apply colour pencils on it. It can be a challenge while working on this piece as I gradually trying to applying more pressure onto the paper .As you can see there are white spacing between each colour pigment. What I think of an alternative solution is to use pencil stump( or what do you call that ? ) to smoothen out the pigment.

Yes , this tool is quite useful if you talking about smooth blending .

After colouring the face portion, I realised that the lips are abit off. I will be fixing that later.

I taught myself all these and was not from any art school .I feel youtube and skillshare helps me alot when I wanted to learn arts and challenge myself in each art session. Not every piece is a successful one and I have done many experiment on how to draw,colour and video shooting.

Below is my video process and if you like my arts so far, you can subscribe to my channel 🙂

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