Drawing My First Ever Anime /Manga Character – Link from the Legend of Zelda

This is so much fun and there is so much in depth about Anime / Manga drawing. This is not an easy drawing as so much details to consider about drawing and layering the colour. I do saluted to those artists who are dedicated to manga drawing and hours and hours of drawing details and colouring.

Most artists used mediums like copic markers, coloured pencils and I believe there is a good reason behind for doing it. They are much easier to control and these mediums give good colour vibrancy, clarity to the character. Watercolour may not be a good choice when come to character painting. I almost wanted to discard this initial muddines of this painting and switch to other better mediums. I wanted to explore more using watercolour for this piece and it is not going to be that easy. I can never do it alone by using just watercolour . To give the character’s hair more in depth and more clarity ( which I feel watercolour is not able to give more in depth as I did not inked this drawing), I in-cooperated coloured pencils to give more impact to the hair instead. The one that I am using is the Faber Castell Polychromos Coloured pencils . If you are going to be an coloured pencils artist , this is the set that is recommended to buy.

Even if you are not familiar with coloured pencils , they are so so much helpful even when you are just starting out. I bought this set 10 over years ago and it is still with me today, totally classic coloured pencils.

Most of the time, I don’t use only a specific watercolour paint brand as I feel it is so much fun to mix with different brand. For this piece, I am using Daniel Smith, Roman Szmal and Mission Gold.


I can start to see that my style is a more loose compared to many professional Manga Artists. I don’t put in alot of detail works but I do focus greatly on the expression and the likeness against the reference of the character. That is really important to me.

Anime / Manga character emphasize alot on their exaggerated features like exceptional big eyes and extremely pointed chin and I feel this need to be focus when come to the drawing. I am not familiar in Anime / Manga at this moment as this is my first try out.But I do sometimes came across comics covers and flipping through the contents are really satisfying . There is a story behind in every anime/manga character and there is so much to know and learn in them.

Yes, there is more to improve on my character painting and that is only the beginning.

Below are the Jackson’s art affiliate link of the products I used on this. If you purchase from the link, I get some small commission but at no cost pass to you. This small commission allows me to make more meaningful drawing to share with you guys.

mission gold

Schmincke Raw Umber

Daniel Smith

Faber Castell Polychromos coloured pencils

Roman Szmal Aquarius

Lastly, below is the link to this speed drawing process and enjoy ! If you like my art channel, you can support me by comments , share and subscribe to my channel.Ciao !

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