Painting Landscape – Mountain , Sky , Field and House

Landscape painting can be tricky at times. I know what I wanted to paint for this week video,but somehow I was not always lucky to have my art completed in 1 video shoot. I have went through at least some significant handful of landscapes, mountains, fields and whatever I can find from pinterest for my reference. I have started a new stillman and birn sketchbook which I thought I was confident in making that kind of perfect painting , just like my etchr lab sketchbook on youtube. I was wrong. I made a mess of 2 pages on this new sketchbook and some failed on other papers as well.

I feel that the texture of the beta series just not suited for gouache painting as paint just glided on the surface no matter how carefully I try to blend my colours. I am not sure if anyone had tried this sketchbook for gouache painting and maybe you can comment in this post below. I was desperate to make this new video on gouache and I decided to discard this plan of painting on this sketchbook.

I decided to try the painting on this Fabriano mixed media paper which I have years before and here it is for this painting.

I still feel the colour blending can be improve. This paper is off white compared to the stillman and birn beta series. It is still not so bad to be used on gouache.

I tried to follow as exactly on the references but I still want to input some of my arts style onto it and I have always love loose painting. But I tried to be extra careful when come to gouache.

But when come to filling the tiny flowers, I just dabbled along following my feel.

Adding some fluffy clouds onto this painting using white. The link for the video is attached below and if you like my video, consider to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell for future notification . I hope you like it as much as I love making them .

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