Gouache Painting – Using Miya Himi Jelly Gouache paint

Recently I have bought the Miya Himi Jelly Gouache paint which have created such a wave around the world. This is the 2nd time I am using this. The first try was during my last video about how I draw created scene using character.

But the paint drys up so easily that it has obvious cracks on them( sorry for the disgusting photos below ). Each of the Jelly cube is 30ml which I feel is really alot. I bought on Lazada during sales time which cost around USD 13 and I paid for a very small shipping fee which is really a good deal. And the item reached me slightly a week which is pretty fast.

Though the paints are mostly cracked after my 2nd usage, but they seem to be easily rewet by using a spray of clean water. And instantly they are back to their initial form of jelly texture.

The colour seems very vibrant and there are total 18 colours and there are 2 white colors provided. One of them say is metallic white, but I don’t see much different. I may need to get a spatula to pick up the paint so that it won’t get contaminated by dipping into other paint using a brush. Below shows that after the colour is reactivated , it resumed back to its bouncy form again.

I nearly forgot to mention hoabout the extra well which was provided inside the box and it has a little hole so that you can just use your finger to remove the well easily. This is how thoughtful the design is. But the box is very heavy which I don’t think I will want to bring this box outdoor for painting. I will do a thorough reviews on the colours again in the near future.Stay tuned.

I tried this on another new painting idea that is mountain painting and this was really very satisfying after completed the piece. Actually most of the time, I prefer to use pencil and pen before painting . But since Gouache is opaque pigmented, I will just just pencils to create the initial draft and then followed by gouache. I try to be neat in this painting though.

I love how the colours turned out and they are really vibrant. I enjoyed mixing and testing out the colours and the final result. You may watch this latest video on my youtube channel with the link below.

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