Beginner palm tree painting using watercolour and gouache

This is a simple palm tree painting at sunset that any beginner can try.This time, I am using both watercolour and gouache to create this simple piece of painting. Basically, I am using Daniel Smith Cerulean Blue to create a light blue sky using the wet on wet technique. I use this technique often especially painting a whole stretch of pain across the sketchbook. At the middle of the page, I am using mission gold orange and blend in with the blue sky. I am using more water for this sky painting to ensure the colour blend it well. In order to paint effectively using both watercolour and gouache, I have to plan in advance to select which subject to be watercolour and which one to use gouache. Bear in mind that watercolour mostly are transparent pigment and gouache are more opaque.

If I am going to paint the sky using gouache and the palm tree with water colour,It may not turn out well as the palm tree will not be able to stand out and will see through with the transparent pigment.

I added a tint of Peak cock Blue – Prussian Blue to create wave on the sea. I am using black gouache on the foreground of the painting which is the same colour as the palm tree.

For the leaves , I am carefully using “0” size brush to create the thin stroke of the leaves.

This will normally take more times as I need to create every single line and since I am using 100% cotton sketch book, the paper absorb the water really fast. I have to constantly wet my brush to avoid the dry brush stroke. For this painting ,I try not to overthink about how every strokes to be perfect, just paint with my feel and it was fun for the whole process.

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