This week I am making a special doodle to celebrate over 100 subscribers on youtube on Christmas day . It was a long journey to reach this milestone and yeah… just a small celebration:)

This inspiration came to me as I would like to doodle something that is really fun and cute. This is a classic story that was read again and again to my 4 yrs old. Lots of planning on what type of doodle characters to include. I would like to make some contrast on this doodle. If you may have already know, The Gruffalo is in fact a fierce monster ( in the story ) that all animals are afraid of. I also wanted to add cute doodles to have some sort of balance on my characters. I started off with pencil drafting which I normally do. I thought it was easy at first … more work along the way as I understand later that I will need to add so much characters that I was exhausted in mind, in researching as well as trying to challenge myself to finish within 2 days. I was totally stressed up.

It took me 1 and 1/3 days to finish up the drafting alone. I planned it in such a way that I also added some characters from Julia Donaldson’s other story books. Time for laying the ink onto my doodles.

I am using 0.8 mm Sakura Micron for the outline as I wanted to create some depth onto the doodles . Making some spontaneous thicker lines on some areas to make it more fun.

For the details of the doodles, as they are quite small , it will be better to use 0.05 pen, otherwise, the lines may collides with each other and smudged the images.

Catch me doodled this on my youtube channel as below. Support my art channel by Like / share/comments and hit the subscribe buttons for future videos. Thank you .

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