How I Paint a Tiger – Great painting exercise for beginner

In this post, I am sharing with you how I paint my tiger process. This is a very fun and challenging exercise I encountered so far. The photo reference for this exercise was taken from my children’s book. Beside pinterest are great resources for drawing and painting photo, normally, I will also look into children encyclopedia or science reference book for drawing exercise.

For this painting, I am using Schmincke Raw Sienna . Of course there are many Sienna tone of colours or yellow Ochre out there. Winsor Cotman yellow Ochre is also a good choice where most of the time, I am using them for skin tone or base colours. Jackson’s art is a good place for getting art supply and I have bought a few times from them and thumbs up for their service. If you want to get the paint as what I use , you can click to the below affiliate link which is no cost to you when you check out.

Schmincke Payne’s Grey ( 783 Series 1)

Schmincke Raw Sienna ( 660 Series 1)

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Before the painting, I have carefully marked down the eyes, the stripes area. I feel whenever you are drawing or painting a animate subject , the eye expression is one of the most critical of all parts. Whether it is restless, unarmed, ready to attack or relax expression, it all shown on through the eye of the subject. Though I am not the expert of painting realism, but I always try my above ability to study, to observe this area.

I feel for beginner, you need to train your eyes to look photo reference and to observe the details. By the way, I am not always successful in whatever I drew. I learnt them through every video I made. I went to youtube to find how people are painting. I learnt drawing using a technique which always give me a higher chance of success in drawing with likeness. Speaking of this,maybe I should make a video about how to draw as beginner .

The scariest part of painting the eye is almost over, not bad. But I still find some challenges in using the smallest brush to work on small area. Oh yes, I have done a few layering of the Raw Sienna so that it get darker around the nose area to create shadow. Always lay the 2nd layer after the paper get dry,otherwise the wet brush may remove the initial paint you have laid earlier.For the black stripes, I am using schmincke payne’s grey . But frankly speaking, I feel ANY black paint work.

While waiting for the painting to dry before layering around the whisker area, I started to use a squirrel mop brush on the background. I am using Himi Jelly Gouache black as I want to create an even opaque against the tiger. For the white whisker, I am using the Sakura Gel roll 0.8 to lay over.

Below is the video how painted this. If you like my video, remember to subscribe and turn on the notification bell for future video.

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