Motion Gouache Painting on NIKE Sneakers Theme

Today, I am thinking of painting something funky and fashionable. I have done some research on pinterest and I thought sneakers are good ideas for some arts. So I decided to make another gouache painting again. And only after all my efforts done and uploaded onto youtube, I received a warning from youtube.

I will talk more on this later on this post. Let’s focus more on my art process now.

As always, I started to draft the positioning of my sketch to get the composition correct. This time, I have decided to make it a two spreads sketch and paint as I wanted to communicate more through my arts. The purpose of this paint is to show that sneakers are meant for all ages, be it hiphop, fashion , sports and more. The slogan always so true and the message of NIKE is so powerful and positive.For this sketch, I intentionally placed my subjects more freely.

I loved the colours of this HIMI Gouache set as so far. I didn’t have much issue about the colour mixture since the colours are sufficient for my arts. The only issue I think will be most colours had cracked.In fact, some cracks are more significant than others and some colours even shrink so much and it now left to 1/3 of the jelly cup. Other than that, I can re-wet them easily for repeated use again.

And now , coming back to the warning from youtube issue. In less than 1 minute after uploaded onto the platform, I received an email from youtube team . The letter roughly goes like this .

“We wanted to let you know that our team has reviewed your content and we don’t think it’s in line with our Community Guidelines. As a result, we’ve age-restricted the following content:

We haven’t applied a strike to your channel, and your content is still live for some users on YouTube. Keep reading for more details on what this means and steps you can take if you’d like to appeal this decision.”

I was totally stunned and quickly rewatched my video and trying to figure out which part had violate their rule. At the same time, I was pretty amazed and impressed that WOW, youtube actually was serious in every upload and every videos have gone through some vetting process with their AI tech.

Immediately, I switch my video to ” private ” as I do not want to meddle something that would hurt my channel. I started to go for appeal process to explain that my video should not be violating any rule since it is more towards arts and get them to review again.

After a few hours, I have finally received an email replying that they have reviewed my video and they see that it did not violate any youtube rule and they immediately apologise for this mistake and now my video is up and running without age restriction. With this incident happening, I told myself to be more mindful about making future contents .

I have made this video as #Shorts and I hope you guys enjoy watch the process. As usual, if you like my arts, you can support by clicking the subscribe and also to click the “bell”, so that it can notify for future new videos.

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