Stress Over Painting

Flower painting always seems so challenging to me. And today, I love to challenge myself on this topic again. Indeed, I ran into some blocks while painting this piece which I like to share over here. Gouache is always one of my favourite medium if I wanted to have some thick , rich paint effect. But I decided to use watercolour for the sky for this round and I thought creating clouds shouldn’t be that difficult. I was wrong . You see, before laying down the first colour, you need to at least pre plan about how you going to create that effect.

Any wrong move, may in the end cause you to ruin the arts that you intended to show to your audience . Sometimes, colours can be undone, but mostly, it just stay there and any additional layers will worsen the painting and become muddy.

So I guess, the ideal move will be to leave out some white space for the clouds. Since, clouds are mostly white on a Sunny day. It is just unnecessary to add in white over the blue sky. By the way, the blue I am using on this painting is Daniel Smith Cobalt Blue.

While trying to correct the colour and at the same time trying to record my video was a total disastrous moment and causing stress to my overall video recording.

I decided not to overdo the sky colours and continue with the rest with gouache paint.

By the way, the photo reference for this painting was from pinterest. I tried not to get too affected on the terrible painting of the sky and move on to the Sunflower paintings.

Finished the final portion on the stems. And below was the final painting. You can watch my process on this speed painting on my youtube channel.

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