Resize Bristol Paper and Draw + Colour Mackenzie Davis

Recently I got this old bristol paper from my brother and it was huge size that I find it quite inconvenient to work on such HUGE pad. So I decided to trim it to small size so that it is manageable when come to drawing. This was my first time trying the bristol paper and I heard it works well for coloured pencils.

Below is the drawing I have done and at the same time, I would also like to share with you some of my way when comes to drawing. Almost 98% of my drawing are using reference point method. I used this method since 1 year ago when I started drawing scenery. For this week video, I am drawing and Mackenzie Davis. I love this photo as it had lots of contrast and shadows for me to work on.

Coming back to my drawing method, I am using estimation to get the reference point of each line. It helps me to gauge how close, how long or how wide apart I need to layed my lines. You can always make necessary adjustment on the lines as you go along.

I always started with lighter colour and slowly darkened the colours. Blending stick can be really helpful to smoothen the pigment onto the paper.

I usually using Faber Castell Polychromos coloured pencils for coloured pencil process. I didn’t intentionally get the set, but just because I happened to bought this set over a decade ago and decided to revisit this set. You can see below that I started to build up the shadow area by using a darker brown.

I don’t usually sharpened my coloured pencils as I preferred a raw look but I know most professional artists ensure their pencils are really knife sharp for better control.( maybe I kind of lazy hahahha ) .

But when comes to finer details like the eyebrow and eye areas, I will make sure the pencils are sharp enough to work on.

I hope you like post so far and below is my latest video on this drawing. Have fun and try it out !

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