My Thoughts On Commenting on Big Youtubers Video for Smaller Channel

This is a debating topic when comes to trying to gain more exposure when many small youtubers intentionally “fighting” to be the 1ST to comment on bigger youtube channel whenever a new video is released . This is just like a gigantic school of fish trying to grab that piece of meat in the ocean. Those so call youtube gurus or expert always give A BIG THUMBS DOWN to discourage this kind of strategy as well if you are trying to grow your channel especially if you are small.This is also somehow going against youtube term as this may intrigue spamming suspicion.

For my small channel, I do not intend to take any insane kind risk when comes to this.But at the same time, I am finding ways to get to get my channel more exposure.

Actually , I don’t care if I am first or last as I knew I seldom get the chance to be the 1st to comment as those highly competitive channel are really hard to get that kind of attention.I just wanted to jump into the fun with the rest and I don’t even understand why people wants to be the top, is just a comment  what is the big deal?

But Just only few days ago, I noticed something and I really wish to share my thoughts over here.

My latest video is about using $10 colored pencils to color Marvel Character , Loki and intend to release it on a Saturday late night.

While I was scrolling youtube, A notification blink appeared on my screen and that was this big youtube channel  “drawingwiffwaffles” new released video.

I noticed that the topic was talking about drawing her sketchbook cover and It seems interesting and I went in to take a look . The video was only released 9 secs and already 102 comments( I am not joking!!). 

The below screenshot is my comment on her video and I don’t intentionally to catch anybody’s attention as I was already the 100+ comment down the line. Within a split Sec, Rin(creator of drawingwiffwaffles) replied my comment ( you bet! She really read through all comments🤪) and immediately pinned my comment.If you know , when someone pinned your comment, it is more than just cherrie on top of the pie , you get what I mean? You are going to get that enormous amount of attention for that particular pinned comment.

My comment was just like snow ball rolling bigger after pinned.Currently, my new video is going to released in another half hour, isn’t it great to release it IMMEDIATE so that now I am the top attention now in the whole world?

Without 2nd thought, I released my new video to the world, dah dah.

Ok, I am not going to brag on this achievement. But let me analyse the situation on what you need to know here.I did get some attention from the driven comments from drawingwiffwaffles channel. 

I got that spotlight in that split moment in the COMMENTS only.

This is getting interesing.What I also noticed that followers started to stacked onto my earlier comment to further wanted to grab that top apple from it. Frankly speaking, who don’t want free attention?

I am not sure if this make sense as some stacked comments are just less than 5 words which some were really unrelatable .It gives me that kind of blank look.

And take note this video had already swopped 80+k views after 12 hours. And it took me awhile to randomly check on the profile of people who leave their comments. I can say more than 85% of the profile are either no subscribers on their channel or very very small channel.This is mostly the sign of most commenters. If you really want to connect to other bigger channels,You can count yourself lucky to find just a handful with 1000+ subscribers as for such decent amount of subscribers, you tends to get a better support to your channel (provided they are interested in your contents)as they have been awhile on youtube platform. 

Let me share my result after 900+ like comments from drawingwiffwaffles chanel,I got 3 new subscribers ( currently I have slightly more than 250 subs) and some new comments . I really appreciated their time in really checking out my channel.

But , if you say it will bring alot of attention from a pinned comment to your growing channel, I would say it may just help abit or the impact isn’t that great. It can be quite disappointing if you pin too much hope.The thing is most people just treat it as a ” transaction” rather than getting interested in checking about your channel. It is just like , you go to an ATM machine,you insert your card, draw money and go. It may not help alot if you want to grow your channel thinking you may get a decent amount of subscribers or people is really interested in your channel.

Some worst scenario is, some pinned comments from past videos who get thousands of likes are quite inactive on youtube channel. What a waste as they either do not create video or they don’t watch youtube regularly or the account is fake.

And another thing which you may take note is that there is a lifespan for every comment( not video itself) . Let’s say a popular creator uploaded their video every week, so the lifespan of the comment for the previous video will dies off pretty fast . Who will take that effort to comment on past videos where every eyeball is focusing on new video? Your comments will be totally ignored by people.

If you are just starting from 0 subscriber or less than 100 subscribers , you may consider to have a slight connection using this method as I feel you still need some ways to push your videos out to the world and I totally relate to you😀

Disclaimer:I am not youtube guru so I can’t say this method will surely banned by youtube

But so far I have done it in a more acceptable and proper way and I got some pinned comments from some of my favourite channels 


Below is just my sharing and if you disagree or you think there is a better way, you can comments down below.

1)DO NOT SPAM on the comments area. 

2)DO NOT ASK sub for sub( I don’t ask people to do it )it will be detrimental to your channel.

3)Always , ALWAYS or I would say, give CONSTRUCTIVE comments on EVERY comment.

4)Be geninue

5)Be creative and keep it short for people to understand about your comment unless the video required your own opinion or debating on the video topic

6)Give some personality to your comments

I wish you good luck if your comments got pinned😉

Oh Yes, Below is my new Video that I have created this week and if you like my channel, feel free to like , comments and subscribe to my channel

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