Sketching is Fun !

Let me touch on something this week about sketching. I have been sketching for 2 years and initially my topics were urban sketching mostly . My first inspiration youtube artist is Teoh Yi Chie. When I type anything related to urban sketching or art supplies, his videos just popped up right onto my eyes. And he works really inspired me to draw more and that is where I begin my watercolor journey for a whole 2 years.

I feel that whatever your topics are into, sketching serve as a base of most arts. No matter how you want to create a thumbnail, an idea, a sketch is the beginning of the breath of an artist.In order to improve your arts, the best way is to keep a sketchbook. My first sketchbook is an A6 size portrait sketchbook and if not wrong, it contains 96 pages and I really drew it till the end of the page !

At the beginning, the sketchbook are filled with pencils and inks , yes no colors at all.After that, I really dived into watercolor as you may check out my videos:) . I feel sketching really marks my growth in terms of arts, NO MATTER WHAT TOPICS. Coloring is just inputing values onto the sketch to give it more life. I have seen artists whose line works are really really fantastic which serve as a backbone or skeleton of their arts and the coloring at later stage is just mind blowing.

Though my channel is now gearing more towards portrait drawing studies, sketching is still my base of studies to observe on how to draw faces. I hope this may inspired beginner artist to sketch more.

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