Blonde Is A Challenge

I always find that blonde is a challenge because you need to find the correct hue of yellow. For this week coloring, it is a good practice when I am drawing Billie Eilish . I find that her features are distinctive as she has a pair of drooping eyes .

I wanted to train my eyes to look for landmark for each portrait drawing. This drawing has took me hours of correcting it. The blonde is such a challenge as I really do not know what type of yellow to apply.

I started to find some styles of my own when comes to draw people . I still love that pencil lines behave on the paper. I don’t really use techniques that professional artists use and I feel that I want to convey my arts in my way and use some distinguished lines to make representation and not replica of the photo. It may turn out raw, but I don’t know why, I love that kind of “unfinished” touches.

This video was made 1 week ago and you can watch this on my youtube channel.

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