Coloring Tom Holland ( Spiderman )

In this week exercise, I am trying to draw and colour Tom Holland as spiderman using the Faber Castell Classic Set. This sketchbook is my normal practice sketchbook which is the stillman and birn ( Beta Series ) . This paper is really thick and white as well which can make the color of any drawing brighter than those off white paper.

The pencil I am using is the Staedtler HB lead pencil. Sometimes, I do use 2H pencil as well that is harder. After marking out the landmark, the next important step that I usually do is the erase those hard lines using the kneaded artist eraser. This is because, I do not want the lines to show through during coloring.

I feel the Faber Castell Classic colored pencils are really easy to control and the pigments are rich.I don’t have to apply extra pressure in order to have a more vibrant color and I think this is great for beginner artists or even for children to use. The set that I am using is the 36 sets and though I feel it provide sufficient hue of different primary colors , but the skin color is just only 1 color. It would be great if this set has 1 more skin color . Due to the limitation of the skin tone, I can only slowly giving slight pressure to make darker skin tone. For darker shadow around the eye, I am using the darker brown which I guess is the raw umber range. There is no name on the colored pencil itself but just only color code. So normally, I will test them on a paper before apply straight onto the original art.

As I mentioned before, I do not do much burnishing, layering to give that flawless look which look exactly photo like. I feel that , I want to convey my art style in a more casual way and at the same time not to lose the likeness of the original photo.

I feel the challenge part on this coloring is Tom holland’s eyes and the lip portion which I made a few corrections on them. On yes,if you made a mistake on colored pencils, you can use the kneaded eraser to erase the unwanted lines . I think kneaded eraser is a MUST art supply for artists as they can easily raise up the pigment without hurting the fiber of the paper.

If you do not have a kneaded eraser, you can use the blue tac to erase 🙂

Below is my affiliate link for the sketchbook which you can purchase from Jackson’s art online store. I earned some commission , but the cost of this commission is not pass onto you.×5-5in-9x14cm-portrait?___store=jacksonsart_en&acc=af21d0c97db2e27e13572cbf59eb343d

I hope you like this week sharing and if you want to watch the timelapse of this coloring process , below is link and if you like my channel, you can consider to like , comments , share with your friends who you think they will like and Subscribe to my channel. Thank you !

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