Collaboration on Childhood Memories

This was an artists collaboration a week ago about drawing our childhood memories. This is interesting at the time challenging as sometimes drawing children and adults are quite different in proportion. And most of our memories are so far away and most of us couldn’t even remember much, unless you have old photos to help in your drawings.

For myself , I have some vivid memories but I don’t have photo to support on my drawings.So this is quite tricky for me. Since I am into portrait drawing ,I need to find a photo reference that can help me to “speak” about my memories to my audience .

So this is where I started to plan on putting more of my concept here. I planned to give it a more dreamy look for this drawing .Previously, I have collected many photo references in case( even if I am not drawing that reference ) I needed to use that one day. So here it is.And I wanted to put my family inside but not distracting the whole focus of the portrait . The idea is to kill 2 birds with 1 stone in this and I feel quite satisfied with the final concept.

The material use here is basically canson illustration bristol paper ( smooth ) and polychromos colored pencils and some caran d’ache luminance colored pencils

The video on this collaboration can be found on my channel . All artists channels can be found in my video descriptions.Thanks for your support to them and to this channel.

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