Drawing My Friend

Recently I have put up a post on my instagram page about ” I will be drawing your photo reference “. I thought this will be fun as it will be your photo reference that I will be drawing and coloring.There were a few requests and the photos my friends submitted were great for me to practice.

This week I am drawing my friend Creative Art who has submitted his photo reference. It was fun as it was a combination of a Bat and Rabbit. How cool is that !

Of course, this will be a challenge for me as my focus is more on drawing human portrait.but definitely this maybe something I will be working on on my current youtube channel.

For this, I did not follow exactly as the photo reference and I wanted to throw in a brighter background. So this is what I did as below.

After a while, I feel that it looks slightly more towards feminine side 😆 Anyways… I will take note in future . At first I wanted to make this a inking drawing, but it turned out not that good and I didn’t really like it. Watercolor process is also faster working on this small piece of artwork. By the way , I am using the baohong academy ring A5 size notebook watercolor ( hotpress ) and 100% cotton. This is a cheaper range compare to other 100% cotton sketchbook. The bao hong academy ( student grade ) watercolor pad had caused a big rave over in the art community in the past. For this black watercolor sketchbook , it was the first time I came across and I bought both hotpress and coldpress on Lazada . I will review about this sketchbook once I made more paintings on it.

The watercolor I am using on this painting is the Schmincke Horadam 12 sets watercolors.


The Final video is out and you can watch and support my art through the link below

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