Color Christmas Fairy – Collaboration with 10 other Artists

This was an global collaboration for my other 10 artists friends over on on youtube on 18 Dec. Below are their links .

1.ArtistaRuchi(GMT+8)2pm – 2.Najzla Art (GMT+8)2:54pm – 3.Yeth Art(GMT+8)3:30pm – 4.The Rising of Ronin Bonsai(GMT+8)3:48pm – 5.Nina Art life (GMT+8)4:15pm – 6.Gene Joy Art (GMT+8)4:42pm – 7.Arts with Gie (GMT+8)5:09pm – 8.MdrawingM (GMT+8)5:36pm – 9.Vanessa Art Vlog (GMT+8)9pm –

For myself, I decided to try and draw fairy theme for this collab using mixture of medium ( pen and ink , colored pencils and watercolors ). Lots of planning on the christmas elements and flowers to be included in this drawing. For the face of the fairy, I found a model on pinterest and then modify abit on her facial features and also include the ornament on her hair . This was a mix and match drawing .

Maybe I was too nervous, I almost forgot about the fairy’s wings and added at last min. I thought the background was a bit plain and decided also to throw in some watercolor background. But, I also need to be cautious not to make the background too dark which may distract the main focus ,the fairy. I was quite satisfied with the overall composition.

You may check out my coloring process on my YT channel as below link. Thank you.

Wish everyone a Fairy Christmas 😍🎄

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