Spiderman – No Way Home

This is my last drawing and coloring in year 2021 . I love this Spiderman No Way Home movie and I wanted to draw this even before the movie was out. I always thought it was much easier to draw Spiderman since he has no expression . I was quite wrong as I still need to consider other areas like the body posture, layering of colors, the overall body proportion.

I started off with outlining the eye and the web design ( I don’t know how to name it 🙂 on the face mask of spiderman.

I could not find that perfect red for the spiderman suit. So I have chosen the brightest red I have. I have made some mistake while during coloring as I put in too much pressure instead of layering gradually. Hmmmm….. For the indigo portion, I started to layer it more careful as I wanted to show the light reflection on the Spiderman suit.

It is always a torture when comes to color superhero suits. Too much details to be taken care of. For this suit, I try to color them in small portion at a time.

For this coloring, I am using Holbein artist grade and Polychromos colored pencils. The Video can be found on my channel. Thank you for your support 🙂

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