Color Lady Portrait with 5 Colors

This was my first drawing in year 2022. For this coloring process, I wanted to keep it simple by using limited colors. Below are my chosen colors for this exercise.

Faber Castell Polychromo – Raw Umber, Black , Beige Red, Krapplack Madder

Caran d’ache Luminance – Burnt Sienna 10%

After trying the colors and if you are ambitious enough, 4 colors should be enough. This will be 1 skin tone, 1 shadow highlight , 1 black( hair ) and 1 red( lips ). I find this exercise is great for beginner. Reason is simple. It is always intimidating to try out different colors and in the end causing too much confusion. By limiting the number of colors , you will force yourself to work around the colors and you will improve over time by training the eyes to use colors creatively.

The eyes are always the most challenging part and though I wanted to follow as close as to the reference, but I wanted to put in some of my ideas by not copying exactly the same. Other than those superhero and celebrity portraits which I have done so far and I have to follow closely on the details, I hope for other portraits , I hope I can throw in some of my styles in. Speaking of this, there is one youtuber artist , Chris Hong, of whom I really like her style so much.

I have attended her skillshare course where she shared her own views about creating portraits.Yes, we all love to draw exactly as how the photo reference turn out. But what is the whole meaning behind of arts where we just copy exactly the same ?

I believe that we need to appreciate our own arts no matter how they turn out. I love my drawings even they don’t turn out 100% alike. They are still my arts , my babies.

The video can be found on my youtube channel as below. By the way, my channel is ” mom who sketch”. If you like the video, you can support my channel by clicking the subscribe button and remember to hit the bell ( in grey ) so that you can be notify of future videos. Thank you so much.

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