Colored Harry Potter With Colored Pencils

This week I have decided to push this video out about Harry Potter coloring process. I have not being uploading videos for close to 3 weeks due to I was down with covid. I have this Harry Potter video in mind as there is a movie on Harry Potter 20th Anniversary : Return to Hogwarts featured on HBO. I guess Harry Potter’s fans should be excited over this regathering of the casts.

I am drawing a younger version of Harry Potter for this video. I like my pencil draft and I have drew this in a smaller scale this time around 14x 16 cm. As I just recovered, I just wanted to do something which is easier to manage for me. I am using caran’d arche skin tone colors for the base and the rest with polychromos and some selection of Holbein Artist colored pencils

I am using 3 skin tones for Caran d’arche Luminance 6901 which are as below

Burnt Orchre 10% , dark flesh 40% and burnt sienna 10% . They are so expensive to own and I don’t use most of the colors except skin tones. I love love LOVE their skin tones and may add on some more skin tones in near future.

I am having a tough time layering Harry’s hair . I hope I can do them much better . Oh yes, I did use Holbein Artist Grade colored pencils ( Indigo , gold ) on Harry’s clothing. They are really pigmented and much richer than polychromos colored pencils in my view.You can catch my video which I decided to slow the speed so that you can watch my process. Thank you

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