Colored Pencils Lightyear 2022 – Pixar and Walt Disney Movie

This is the Pixar and Walt Disney movie that I am looking forward to in year 2022.This is more told story about how Buzz lightyear become from test pilot to space ranger. Today, I am focused on my coloring process. Oh yes, I will always remembered this as the process is a killing me softly and cruelly 🙁

I think I have spent too much time in contouring lightyear’s face till I was burnt out in the middle…. after this experience and lesson learnt, it is always advisable not to over think and just trust the process. Keeping the momentum is soooo important when comes to creating art.

But before the process, it is always good to self analyze if this is something for me ? I just take the plunge in and thinking it should be easier than portrait drawings. Anyway, this is just animated ….. but things took some wrong turns when I started to realise , the time spent on twitching and making indecisive decision on and off ,kills my momentum.

When panic kicked in,I realised that I had to rush my work till evening which you may noticed that there was some bad lighting in my video …. It is always a bad idea to record at night …

My mind was drained after finished the hair and the face portion.I had to keep on reminding myself to look out for clarity of colors , layering etc.

My 48 sets polychromos colored pencils had some limited choices of green which I have to find the closer one and together with different colors to get that somehow acceptable color tones. The overall coloring process took me estimated 4 hrs …

Below is my youtube link to my channel ” mom who sketch ” which I shared my process. Thank you for watching

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