Fantasy Art -Collaboration with Artists

This is a fun and difficult subject to draw when comes to Fantasy.I am excited as this was a friendship collaboration with some of my youtube friends. It is always challenging for me when comes to use watercolor in my arts. First, it is quite hard to use watercolor on portrait as I love precision and details on my drawing. So for this drawing , I decided to use watercolors on skin tones, background , elements. But when comes to eye details I have decided to go with colored pencils.

Another reason for using watercolor on this piece was they are quicker application compared to colored pencils rendering/ layering. And also because I was I late for for this important collaboration.

Talking about reference . I am using the reference from pinterest and I did quite abit of changes on the original reference. I changed the hair colors , ears , lips and not using alot of shadow in this. Why ? I feel fantasy portraits should be more spiritual when I am approaching this drawing and I just wanted to show more details on her face.

At last min , I made some stupid mistakes which required me to re paint this drawing again 🙁

The material I used on this painting are listed below:

1)Mijello ( Mission Gold Watercolors)

2) Shinhan PWC Indigo for the background

3) Strathmore Visual Journal Sketch Book

4) Polychromos Colored Pencils

Below is the video for the collaboration. Please support me if you like my art by clicking subscribed button and notification bell for future vidoes. Thank you

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