Draw And Color Rainbow Chameleon

This is something that I find that it is fun which I am trying to play with rainbow colors on my drawings.So I have decided to try this chameleon drawing and coloring. The purpose of this rainbow theme is also that I am trying out the caran d’ache portrait assortment set which I have bought from Jackson’s art store recently.

This is my first go to online art store whenever I am trying to purchase some new art resources.They may not be the cheapest sometimes, but you definitely need to check out some weekly sales which they will put up on their website. In the future post , I will share more about swatching and my first impression on this portrait assortment luminance 6901 set. Fantastic.

I think many colored pencil portrait artist will be very familiar with Caran d’ ache luminance 6901 set. Below some of the photos taken during different stages on how I tackled using my method on layering.

The colors on the chameleon are really easy to work on and extremely vibrant.

Some of the tips I can share here is try to layer them step by step. Always starts with using very light pressure and slowly and gradually working on your strengths. But I find that, if there is any mistakes, they can be easily removed just using any normal eraser.

As Chameleon skins are covered with scales and some little lumps, I am trying to put all these details onto the the drawing. Though , It may take up lots of time, but it can be fun if you like to draw details.

The coloring process can be found on my youtube channel. I have break up the coloring into 2 different videos.One is just the chameleon and then further on the 2nd video will be how I create blurry background. Hope you guys like it.Thank you for supporting my channel 🙂


Below is the purchase link if you are interested in the caran d’ache luminance 6901 20 sets ( portrait assortment) as well as the canson bristol illustration papers which I normally work on.



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