Draw Turkey Bird _ Artist Collaboration

This is one of the most challenging drawing that I have ever done for artist collaboration. It was fun making art during this period as I am always looking forward to with my fellow artist friends. This time, we make it more fun by drawing lots and then to swap the art style with the artist that was chosen. For me , I have swapped with one of my artist friend which she has chosen her past art , that was a turkey and I was suppose to recreate it with own style.

It may looks easy at first, but when you really sit down and try to study the features of turkey bird, you started to panic looking at the details, from the eye , wattle to feathers and you know that this is not going to be easy. And the best part was, which colors to use? which were the base colors and the patterns of the feathers were just too overwhelming.

I am using mostly prisma colors for this as they offered the wider range of choices compare to my faber castell polychromos . I am not sure if this is due to the nature of the pigment, they seems to fade away quite easily and I have to keep re layering the colors to make them brighter.

I love the overall result especially the patterns of feathers . This whole drawing and coloring took me around 9.5hours .You may watch my full process in time lapse in the link below.Hope you guys like it.

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