Drawing Jennie Black Pink

This was drawn 1 week ago using kraft paper sketchbook.I feel kraft paper is something that will help beginner portrait artists alot. And it really help to speed up the coloring process.This is the hahnemuhle brand A5 size sketcbook.I bought it from my local art store . I can’t remember the price but I don’t think it was that expensive. It was fun to use on drawing portrait as the paper can act as the base color as skin tone.

This is quite a quick drawing and coloring as this is not a full colored pencil sketch.This paper is 120 GSM and I have done numerous highlighting and erasing and the paper seems able to withstand some rubbing and tearing.

Below is the time lapse coloring process on Jennie fro blackpink I have done on my youtube channel. Do remember to subscribe if you have not done so.Thank you for you support

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